__ Strategic direction __: Stephanie Hankey

__Project direction __: Christy Lange

__Project lead Data and Activism __: Amber Mcintyre

__Project lead Data and Politics __: Varoon Bashyakarla & Gary Wright

Team: Varoon Bashyakarla, Amber Mcintyre, Gary Wright

Web design: Yiorgos Bagakis, Maria Kassab

Web developing: Jacopo Anderlini, Laurent Delleré

Tech support: Danja Vasiliev

Illustrations for Data and Activism & Data and Politics: Maria Kassab

Illustrations for Data and You: Gabi Garland

Contributors: Emily Deans, Cade Diehm, Andrea Figari, Maya Indira Ganesh, Jan Griffiths, Semanur Karaman, Caroline Kent, Kei Kreutler, Rose Regina Lawrence, Matthias Monroy, Leil-Zahra Mortada, Paz Pena, Raquel Renno, Allan Stanley

Financial team and grant management: Ngan Nguyen, Daniela O'Halloran

Special thanks to everyone at Tactical Tech and all our friends, partners, and fellow organisations who have shared their work and expertise. Further thanks are due to the network of activists and human rights defenders who trusted us with their experiences and for providing feedback.