The Organiser's Activity Book

Organisers often have to work directly with personal data, or tools which create and collect personal data, whether it’s through mailing lists, on social media, during event planning, monitoring and evaluation, organising demonstrations, running petitions, and carrying out fundraising. Right now, while many people continue to work from home or travel less, organisers are planning more of their capacity building and campaigns online, increasing their interaction with tools that collect personal data.

The Organiser’s Activity Book is a self-learning resource from Tactical Tech’s Data and Activism project. The book is a collection of playful exercises for organisers within civil society who work with the personal data of human rights defenders, investigators, campaigners, and others who are taking part in social or political action.

It’s important to understand the ways that personal data can be easily accessed by others. As an organiser, you may be reliant on tools that are unencrypted or platforms that collect personal data or share it with third parties. These data-driven tools may be used to identify people, their actions, and their whereabouts; in certain circumstances, they can put people at risk.

While there are tools for individuals to protect their own privacy, it is also important for organisers to take ownership over the personal data they collect or create for others. However, it can be difficult to know where to start in terms of what standards to follow or tools to use; there is no single right or wrong answer, and each organiser will have a different balance between their needs, the risks of those they work with, and which tools are available.

The Organiser’s Activity Book offers fun and engaging exercises to help organisers reflect and learn about potential risks and benefits of using personal data. The activities will help you develop Your Data Policy: a practical and personalised guide for individuals, organisations, or working with other partners.

The chapters are listed below. The first series is a journey through event organising. Even though we're currently travelling to events less, many people are still planning and organising events online, and others are organising their return to in person events. There are considerations not just for travel, but for the online registration applications, and publicity of these events, that call for a careful consideration of any organiser's personal data practices.

You can print it at home, or bring it up on your screen or phone and get some paper to do the activities in your own data policy notebook.

The Chapters

Introduction to Personal Data and Events

Event Application and Participant Data

Travel and Our Data Baggage

Social Media Data and Publicising Your Event

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Online Conference Tools

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This project is a collaboration from Amber Macintyre, Ida Flik, Leil Zahra, Christy Lange, the excellent team at Tactical Tech and our partnership organisations.

The Organiser’s Activity Book is based on our applied research project Data and Activism, examining the impact of data collection and profiling on human rights defenders, civil rights organisations and networks.